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The app Prevention Coach is filled with knowledge and information on healthy, safe and enjoyable work.
• E-learning, psychical load lifting, safe behavior, etc.
• Health and safety information with references to professional knowledge records
• Physical and Mental strain, the approaches and policy
• Various energizing work methods
• Steps of behavior, to raise awareness and ownership
• Coach and communication
• Educational videos
• Various checklists
• Links to relevant information on the approach to safe, enjoyable and healthy work.
• Overview other apps and news

Target group:

The app is designed for people that are interested in knowledge, information, latest insides, advice and practical checklists. The app targets the field of prevention and improvement of working condition for a better health and safety at the office such as: employers, managers, safety officers, employees council, health & safety manager and employees.

Subject matter:

Get inspired to start with healthy, safe and enjoyable work! The app "Prevention Coach" is a practical tool to improve working conditions. The purpose of the app tool is to combine, share and exchange all the latest information in the field of safety and health. The app is solution-oriented and helps you to keep good focus on prevention of absenteeism and occupational hazards. In this way the app gives everybody the possibility to become his own preventioncoach.


The Prevention Coach Digital Application (App) is freely available for iphone, ipad and android mobile phones and ready to use.

The latest information is being shared by e-news, and the app is very self-explanatory. The information and links in the app are useful and interesting to explore. Everyone's contribution is valued and appreciated and therefore provides the possibility to send new input that will be added to the app.

The platform of knowledge-sharing makes this app an efficient tool. The app was recently released in the Appstore (October 2013). [by the end of January we reached 2000 downloads]


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Ingeloes Bense


De PreventieCoach
Mecklenburglaan 94
3843BP Harderwijk
The Netherlands


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De PreventieCoach


Mecklenburglaan 94
3843BP Harderwijk
The Netherlands