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The video starts with a saw cutting a plaster cast, the same sawing nose that Jonathan heard when his leg was lacerated by a brush cutter. We see what happened in the minutes following the accident - the blood, touniquets, ambulance... Jonathan then reminds us that a work-related accident can happen to anyone at any time. He talks about the impact this accident had on his life, and finishes by stressing the importance of receiving health and safety training,

Target group:

The video increases pubic awareness but is especially aimed to young workers 18 to 24 years old.

Subject matter:

The aim is to make young people aware of the impacts of work-related accidents andthe importance of receiving occupatonal health and safety training. The victim of a serious workplace injury, Jonathan Phoenix Boulard talks about his accident and the impact it has had on his life.


The video was produced as part of Canada's It's Your Job videon contest which was an excellent venue to tell Jonathan's story and deliver his message.

Prizes won

First Place: Canada's Its Your Job Video contest 2012/13 18 to 24 year old category; Fan Favourite - Quebec




Description of campaign

Canada ran its first ever national young worker health and safety video contest in 2012/13. The contest raised awareness about workplace safety while calling on Canada's youth to use their talent to create their own video to inspire their peers to be safe on the job. Each of the 12 independent provinces and territories ran their own contest simultaneously and forwarded their jurisdiction winners to a national judging panel. Canadian celebrity judges chose this video as the winner in the 18 to 24 year old category. The contest was organized and sponsored by the deputy ministers across Canada and developed, implemented and coordinated by a small team of cross-Canada communications and young worker health and safety specialists.

Campaign URL\yourjobvotretravail


Jonathan Phoenix Boulard and Remi D. Vincent (youth video contest winners: non professional)


c/o Josee Auclair, CSST
524 Bourdarges, suite 190 
G1K 1A1 Quebec


amateur youth-produced video