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The film follows a young woman as she moves through the Olympic park, observing her reactions and thoughts about health and safety risks as they arise. It uses voice over, fantasy sequences and music to create a sympathetic character that learns how to cope with the risks a Games worker will face and where she ‘finds’ her voice.

The film starts with a brief contextual sequence with the CEO and Chair of LOCOG explaining how the construction of the Games has been the safest on record. This sets the expectation that all those working on the Games are now required to continue. It is 2 minutes 58 seconds long.

Target group:

The audience were the 200,000 volunteers and contractors working on the London 2012 Olympic Games. They represent an extremely diverse group from stewards to caterers, and from a very varied professional and cultural background.

Subject matter:

The message was to make health and safety a priority during the Olympics and speak up if you see something wrong. Given that people will be working on a large, busy and unfamiliar event, it is important that health and safety is firmly embedded in people’s minds for their own, their colleagues and public safety, as well as for reputational reasons.


The British Safety Council was asked to produce a film for the organisers of the Olympics to contribute to their induction of staff. Given the significant public profile of the event, health and safety was considered a key risk that needed to be managed. Film was chosen as the best way to get a simple and engaging message across at the same time and as part of a collective experience. The use of first person narrative allows the audience to identify with the stresses experienced by the main character and show the right way to react to risks as they arise.




Description of campaign

The campaign is aimed at young people and provides information and opportunities through social media to build confidence to communicate about health and safety. The campaign recognises that young people when they start work are particularly vulnerable to risks associated with work, often because they are unfamiliar with the environment, people or tasks they have to carry out. It also starts from the basis that young people should trust their instincts and have the right to speak up if they feel unsafe or fear for their health. It is also an opportunity for young people to improve their knowledge and contribute to how risks are managed in collaboration with employers and supervisors.

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