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There are a number of strategies to manage ergonomic injuries including the provision of ergonomically sound workplaces, audits of workplaces and training courses. There is also a major role that employees themselves can play and that is adopting safer practices.
This video addresses the issues of ergonomic injuries in the workplace. It takes a narrative approach to engage the target audience.
It delivers sequential messages that focus on providing employees with the knowledge and understanding of ergonomic injuries and strategies for safer practices to reduce the risk of injury.
The video is similar in theme to the Charlie Chaplin Silent Movie genre, with a comic character used to deliver the key messages.
It carries the tagline: Ergonomics injuries are not a laughing matter.
The movie opens with a title card, just like in silent films, and covers major ergonomics issues in the office environment, such as posture, lifting, repetitive work.
This video was distributed nationwide by PERKESO, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers and other organisations involved in occupational safety and health. It is also made available in short scenes that can be used during ergonomic training.

Target group:

Office workers who are exposed to ergonomic risk factors.

Subject matter:

In Malaysia, the yearly incidence ergonomic injuries are on the rise, and currently id the highest cause of compensation for occupational diseases by the Malaysian Social Security Organization. The aim of this production is to emphasize the importance of correct ergonomic practices in the office environment, which includes lifting, computer ergonomics, repetitive work and standing at work. The key message of this video is highlight that the risk of injury due to ergonomic factors may be hidden, however the consequence may be serious. Prevention of ergonomic injuries can be achieved by simple everyday practices that employees should adapt while at work.


This product was produced as a light comedy without verbal narration to engage the audience in a different approach compared to conventional ergonomic videos. The use of retro concept in the filming (silent film concept) was deliberately utilized to attract the audience attention. To avoid misinterpretation, short written narrations are given at the end of each scenes, in the form of title cards to conform with the genre. The film was shot within an office environment with a multiethnic employee composition including migrant workers to appeal to the Malaysian working population. Being a unique country with diverse ethnicity; this video can also be widely used in Asia, and while the issues are universal, this video is also suitable for worldwide audience.


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