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The basic concept is that protecting gear will protect you against common accidents, but no one will do it for you. The video begins with a student entering a laboratory and “magically” being dressed with lab coat and safety glasses that flies from midair. (Note that this video was produced in a university with a minimum budget. Therefore the effects were not generated by CGI but by old-fashioned methods (i.e. using fish lines and pulley). The protecting gear is being challenged with various accidents (using high-speed camera) and it is clear to the viewer that the protecting gear is serving its purpose to protect the student. The video ends with the message “Protecting Gear Won’t just appear. Protect yourself”

Target group:

Students working in laboratory

Subject matter:

This video targets a common safety problem in academic laboratories where students/workers do not use proper personal protective gear. The video demonstrates the importance of protecting gear and encourages to take personal responsibility.


Online videos are useful tool to target young people in their natural “playground”, the Internet.


Haim Weizman UC San Diego


9500 Gilman Dr 
92093-0303 La Jolla, CA


UC SAn Diego