The consequences of not caring for people’s safety may last a lifetime

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The video starts with the question “How long do you spend caring for others?” and from
that point onward we see a series of scenes in which people are caring for each other.
All the scenes feature a stopwatch showing how long each person spends to warn someone about a risk or remind someone about a safety item, and we can perceive that it’s always a matter of mere seconds.
The characters in the scenes appear in sequence. In other words, it’s a chain reaction: the person who helps a colleague in one scene receives help in the following scene. The message is that, in life, at some times we are in a position to support, help or guide someone, while at other times it’s our turn to be supported or

Target group:

With a mission to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable
development, Vale is a global mining company with headquarters in Brazil. Vale has 136,000 workers, including its own employees and contractors (services providers in permanent activities and projects).
Some highlight characteristics of Vale’s internal audience are:
• Spread out over 37 countries
• 75% of the workforce is based in Brazil
• 89% are men
• Over 70% are between 20 and 40 years old
• 58% have less than 5 years working at Vale.
• Different cultures and languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia
• Work on operational sites, some in remote areas
• Most of them have no access to a computer or to internet during working houres
• Come from many different companies, even recent measures, acquisition and joint-ventures

Subject matter:

Excellence in health and safety is not achieved without collaborative relations, with colleagues guiding, helping and warning one other. All of us must feel responsible for everyone’s safety. Each of us must care about others and act to ensure that people do not expose themselves to risks and that they follow the rules aimed at protecting us. Our relations must be based on respect and support. When we see a colleague doing something unsafe, it is our duty to intervene. And if a colleague warns us about a hazard, we must accept the warning with gratitude rather than feel annoyed, supposing that his intention was to show us up or make us feel bad. When interdependence predominates, people help each other. It is this stage of Interdependence, in which colleagues help and supervise one another, that we want to reach here at Vale. It’s only in this way, with all of us accepting that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, that we will achieve zero harm.


Throughout the video we see the time people spend to take care of themselves or others, so the final message conveys the idea that failing to spend a few seconds on this may have permanent consequences, whether an injury or even death.
How much of your time do you dedicate to warning or guiding colleagues about health and safety precautions during a typical day?
The video ends with two statements to make people think: “Why risk a whole life because of a few seconds?” A life can change in seconds, and it takes just a few seconds to intervene when you detect risky behaviour or a hazard.
The final statement in the video is about the concept of active genuine caring: “Take care of yourself. Take care of others. Allow those around you to take care of you.”


Description of campaign

What is the Day of Reflection? A day in which everyone at Vale – around the world – stops to review the fatalities that have occurred and to promote an open conversation about health and safety.  It is a dialogue conducted by your team’s manager that lasts around one hour, based on the same material that is made available to everyone – the presentation and video. An invitation to ensure that life matters most: Vale continues to believe that life is more important than production and it is still striving to achieve ist zero harm goal. This is a major, long-term challenge, but the company is convinced it is possible to achieve this goal. As part of these efforts, we hold a Day of Reflection. This event is an opportunity for company leaders across the world to invite their teams to reflect, learn and commit to caring and accident prevention.

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