The Heart of the matter – Making sense of safety

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English, Italian and Spanish with subtitles


The reconstruction is backwards: the viewer sees the sequence of events from the time of the accident coming back to discover that, gradually, all the elements which, intentionally or not, have contributed to the accident happen. Many caracthers are involved: from the CEO to the head of power plant, passing trough the contracting company. The story regarding the accidents is told while even private life of the worker is recounted. The private and working life are simoultaneusly told and mixed.

Target group:

Target group of this film consist of managers of a major industrial organization. The behavior of all stakeholders in the process, even the managers, in fact, affect the events and, in some case, can even be the cause of an accident.

Subject matter:

The Heart of the Matter is a 22 minute film designed to change the safety culture of a major industrial organization from the top down. The aim is to help managers understand the disastrous impact that poor decision making and mixed messages can have further down the line; to make them fully aware of their role as "safety leaders" in order to fix the gap between "thinking safety" and "acting safety " which often leads to transmit conflicting messages.


When the effectiveness of your training and communication can make the difference between life and death, it simply has to be done right and with concrete examples and case histories. The film represents real case of events and is delivered as part of a two-day training course split into three modules. The first module is aimed to reproduce backwards the sequence of the events. This is the basis to start the discussion and let people think of lack in the decision process and mistakes that have been made. The second module shows how behaviours of all the caracthers involved in the decision making process, have changed consequetially of the accident in order to let people learn from the scenes. The movie also includes the involvement of Enel CEO Fulvio Conti, whose presence is essential to strengthen the commitment on the issue and encourage the spread of leadership activities on Safety.


Description of campaign

The film is the result of a deep collaboration with Enel Internal Communication and Enel Health and Safety Department. We send 2 dvds: one is containing the linear version which is a kind of summary of the movie that we use for festivals. the other one is containing the version we use for traning session divided in modules and with subtitles in all the languages.


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