Expert Panel Consensus: Towels most hygienic way to dry hands

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In this video Professor Marc Van Ranst illustrates in a lively way the conclusions reached by a Panel of six eminent European Scientists about the importance of hands washing and proper hands drying, as a way for preventing the spread of infections.
This is particularly important in Health Care settings, for Health Care workers and in the Food Industry.
The experts Panel distinguished two hands drying approaches: one is based on water absorption, using towels to absorb the water which remains on our skin; the other is based on water dispersionbased on water dispersal (air dryers). In the Experts Panel opinion, hand drying using single use Paper Towels resulted in the lowest numer of microrganisms remaining on the hands and also in the lowest risk of contaminating other persons in the washroom environment.

Target group:

Facility Managers - Decision Makers about Drying System adoption in Work Places - Public Places

Subject matter:

The objective of the Video is to inform about the conclusions (Consensus Statement) reached by a Panel of Six Scientists about the importance of hands washing and of choosing the proper way for drying hands.


This video supports in a lively way a Press Release which informs about the conclusions reached by a Panel of six eminent European Scientists, on the base of all the studies available about hand drying.
The Chairman of the European Tissue Symposium (Roberto Berardi) has also submitted an application, on Dec 6, 2013, for presenting the outcome of these studies and the Consensus statement at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 - Global Forum for Prevention.


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